What information should be provided them to meet their purpose?

Two Answers

Not clear who "them" is? Do you mean the people doing biological tests? and instead of ZP?

query_builder Oct. 25, 2016
perm_identity Iseult Lynch

'Them' is intended to be biological researchers examining nanoparticle toxicity. If it is required of them that they must measure zeta potential, then there should be an SOP and data reporting template to guide their work. Additionally, there should be some information provided on what to expect, so that the biological researcher recognizes an artifact and decide to seek expert opinions.
For i.e.p., Kosmulski can be used to decide if the test material is responding as per the literature values. If there is a deviation, then the investigator can consider the acid constants for any adsorbed substances (citric acid, polyacrylic acid, BSA, phosphate).

query_builder Oct. 29, 2016
perm_identity Frederick Klaessig